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Retirement Plan Design

Retirement Plan Design

Whether it is a new or restructured retirement program you are seeking, The Wolf Law Group, P.C. together with The Wolf Pension Group, LLC (“WPG”) will work closely with you and your financial and investment advisors to ensure that the particular retirement program designed for you meets your financial objectives. We will explore a full range of design alternatives to determine whether a defined contribution, defined benefit or a combination of plan types best suits your needs, and whether a new comparability, or carve-out design is appropriate. We often designs plans that skew contributions and benefits in favor of the business owners, all within the legal framework of the pension law. Quite often, optimal plan design involves the pairing of plans, such as a cross-tested profit sharing plan with a 401(k) plan and a cash balance pension plan. It is not unusual for our firm to design plans under which the business owners derive as much as 80-95% of the contributions to and tax benefits afforded by the Plan. We also design plans to serve as an important recruiting and retention tool for valued key employees.

Our staff of employee benefits specialists is dedicated to providing dependable, quality service and guidance to pension plan sponsors. Qualified retirement plans remain the single-most effective means for small and medium sized companies to maximize retirement benefits and minimize income taxation. Our goal is to enable our clients to enjoy the benefits offered by a tax-favored pension or profit sharing plan without experiencing the administrative burdens and hassles often associated with a plan’s operation. We assist during every stage of a qualified plan’s life cycle, from its inception, through its operation, and, if necessary, to its termination, thus assuring that throughout its life cycle the plan continues to meet each client’s objectives.

Plan Implementation

Once the design process is completed, our experienced staff at The Wolf Law Group, P.C. prepares all of the legal documentation necessary to implement the plan and to secure a determination letter from IRS. The Wolf Law Group, P.C. and The Wolf Pension Group, LLC play an active role in the presentation and communication of a new or newly structured or redesigned retirement program to plan participants.

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