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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. That is why planning ahead is not only extremely important but is a moral imperative. By mapping out an Estate Plan with The Wolf Law Group, P.C., our clients can rest assured that upon their deaths, their assets are distributed to their intended loved ones in the manner that they desire and not under the default distribution provisions mandated under state law.  The The Wolf Law Group, P.C. has the expertise and the experience to work with a broad range of clients from those with modest estates to those with very large estates that require more sophisticated tax planning. 

Wealth Preservation

Wills and Revocable Trusts

Credit Shelter and QTIP Trusts

Sales to Defective Grantor Trusts

Crummey and Family Trusts

S Corporation Trusts

Generation Skipping & Dynasty Trusts


Recapitalizations and Partnership Freezes

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts

Charitable Trusts (CRUT, CRAT, NIMCRUT)

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